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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Armed police shoot man dead in Iceland - first time police have shot and killed someone

Armed police officers in Iceland have shot a man dead for the first time in the country's history

Police in Iceland have shot dead a gunman - the first time armed officers have shot and killed someone in the country.

Pfficers were called to an apartment in the Reykjavik suburb of Arbaer early today when a man fired a shotgun from inside the flat.

Two policemen, who were not armed, were wounded when trying to enter the apartment. A special armed unit then entered and fired at the man, who was taken to hospital, where he died.

Iceland, which has a tiny population of around 320,000, has a low crime rate and gun violence is extremely rare. Its regular police force does not carry firearms.

Haraldur Johannessen, National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police, said today's incident was unprecedented.


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