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Bombers target Greek Euro MP

Published 30/10/2009

A bomb exploded early outside the home of a prominent conservative politician and Greek Euro MP today.

The pre-dawn blast occurred outside the Athens home of Marietta Giannakou, following a warning telephone call.

Ms Giannakou was in the apartment building when the time-bomb exploded.

"Police told us that a (suspicious) bag was at the entrance of the building. The explosion was terribly loud," Ms Giannakou, 58, told private Mega television.

Authorities are battling an increase in violence by far-left militant groups.

On Tuesday, six police officers were wounded when gunmen sprayed an Athens police station with automatic weapons.

Attacks increased following massive riots in Athens and other Greek cities last year, triggered by the police's fatal shooting of a teenage boy in central Athens.

Police are preparing for more possible violence ahead of the December 6 anniversary of that fatal shooting.

"I am sad for my country. I am sad that there are so many people who feel so much hate, who have no limits, who shoot at police," Ms Giannakou said.

"It is not possible to accept people living in fear ... I will not be afraid to express my opinions openly."

Ms Giannakou was an education minister in a previous conservative government. Last year, her fractured right leg was amputated following complications from diabetes that threatened her life.

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