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Sunday 20 April 2014

Central African situation 'dire'

The United Nation's envoy to the Central African Republic has described the humanitarian situation in the country as 'dire'

The political and security situation in the Central African Republic is highly volatile and the humanitarian situation is "extremely dire", the country's United Nations envoy has said.

Margaret Vogt painted a grim picture of the country following the overthrow of the government on March 24 by rebel fighters from the Seleka alliance, saying that looting and sexual violence are on the rise and armed groups are recruiting children.

She said leaders who are supposed to run a transitional government cannot return to their homes because they fear for their lives or because their homes have been looted.

She told reporters by audio-link, after briefing the UN Security Council, that the establishment of a National Transitional Council to elect the head of the caretaker government is very important to stabilising the country.

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