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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Cheney defends use of waterboarding

Former US vice president Dick Cheney is promoting his new memoir In My Time

Former US vice president Dick Cheney has said there is no contradiction in advocating harsh interrogation tactics against suspected US enemies and opposing those practices when used against American citizens.

Mr Cheney was asked about a hypothetical case in which Iran would decide to use waterboarding on an American suspected of spying.

Mr Cheney replied: "I think we would object on the grounds that we have obligations to our citizens."

Mr Cheney, who is promoting his new memoir In My Time, has been associated with waterboarding, considered by many to be torture.

Asked on NBC's Today show if he was embracing a double-standard, he said, "These are not American citizens."

In the interview, Mr Cheney also conceded he had been a lightning rod for criticism during the administration of former president George W Bush. "I'm Darth Vader," he said.

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