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Monday 15 September 2014

Flooding death toll exceeds 500

Thai residents are transported on trucks through a flooded street in Bangkok (AP)

The nationwide death toll from flooding in Thailand has climbed past 500 as the polluted black water continues its march through parts of the capital.

Floodwaters are also approaching a main road near Bangkok's Mo Chit bus terminal, a major gateway to northern Thailand, but the bus station remains open.

Three months of intense rainfall have fuelled Thailand's worst flooding in half a century, swamping much of the country since July.

The government said 506 people have died in the floods.

Floodwaters have begun receding in some provinces north of Bangkok, but they have built up around the city, which stands in the way of the water's natural flow south towards the Gulf of Thailand.

So far, authorities have ordered evacuations in eight of Bangkok's 50 districts.

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