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Thursday 30 October 2014

Gunman 'wanted to kill Americans'

Police carry away a body from the scene after the two US servicemen were gunned down at Frankfurt airport(AP)
Arid Uka, centre seen from behind, waits for the beginning of his trial for murdering two US airmen at the court in Frankfurt(AP)

A gunman acccused of murdering two US airmen at a German airport intended to kill many more, his trial has heard.

Kosovo Albanian Arid Uka went to Frankfurt airport on March 2 with the aim of shooting US servicemen and women, prosecutor Herbert Deimer told a court in the city.

Uka is charged with two counts of murder and three of attempted murder in connection with the attack. He faces a possible life sentence.

In a confession to the court as his trial began, Uka said he had become increasingly radicalised by jihad videos online before the shooting.

He said: "What I did was wrong, but I cannot undo what I did."

He says that a video purporting to show American servicemen raping a Muslim girl had prompted him to try and stop other American soldiers from getting to Afghanistan.

The video turned out to be from a Hollywood anti-war film.

He said: "I thought what I saw in that video, these people would do in Afghanistan."

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