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Monday 20 April 2015

Honduran teachers continue strike

Teachers in Honduras will continue their strike
Teachers in Honduras will continue their strike

A strike by Honduran teachers will continue after unions rejected a government offer to pay $100 million (£63.2m) of the estimated $158 million (£99.9m) that it owes to a benefit and pension fund for teachers.

Honduras suffered an economic downturn because of the 2009 coup in the Central American country.

The unions represent about 60,000 teachers in a system of 2.2 million students from primary to high school. About 800,000 of those students have been affected, because many teachers are working despite the strike that started on August 2.

Union leader Eduardo Casana said the walkout would continue indefinitely. Striking teachers have marched and erected barricades in the streets of the capital

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