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Monday 21 April 2014

La Toya: Michael Jackson was God-like

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

La Toya Jackson said her brother Michael looked "absolutely fabulous" when he was laid to rest last week.

In an interview on ABC television's 20/20 to be broadcast in the US tonight (early tomorrow UK time), she told Barbara Walters that the King of Pop was dressed in white pearl beads and a big gold belt, "like a belt that you win being a boxer.

"His hair was done beautifully, his makeup was done beautifully," she said.

A pair of sunglasses and a white glove were among the items placed in the coffin with him.

Michael Jackson's death on June 25 from a fatal combination of drugs has been labelled a homicide by the coroner's office.

Prosecutors are still investigating, and no charges have been filed. But La Toya Jackson said she blames her brother's death on "any and everybody" who gave him drugs.

"They're doctors!" she said. "This is going against their licence."

She called her brother "special," explaining that "he wasn't God, but he was certainly God-like. He was the closest thing to a god that I knew".

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