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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Murdered governor's son kidnapped

Punjab governor Salman Taseer was shot dead by one of his guards in January

Gunmen have abducted the son of a liberal Pakistani politician who was murdered by an Islamist extremist earlier this year, police have said.

The victim's brother said he suspected that extremists were behind the kidnapping.

Shahbaz Taseer was taken from his car in the city of Lahore, said police officer Abdur Razzaq Cheema.

Shahbaz's brother, Shaheryar, said the family had been receiving threats from militants.

"It seems they are behind it," he said.

Their father, Punjab governor Salman Taseer, was gunned down by one of his guards in January.

The guard confessed and said he carried out the killing because of Mr Taseer's opposition to laws carrying the death penalty for blasphemy against Islam.

Members of the Taseer family have continued to speak out against extremism since his death.

On Thursday, TV showed Shahbaz Taseer's luxury car abandoned in the road of an upmarket Lahore district.

The death of Salman Taseer, and the fact that many Pakistanis did not loudly condemn it, was taken a sign that the country was buckling under intolerance and extremism.

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