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Thursday 23 October 2014

Mystery over death of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky

Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky has died, it has been reported
Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky has died, it has been reported

The lifeless body of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found by a member of staff at his sprawling Berkshire mansion inside a bathroom which had been locked from the inside, police have said.

Officers investigating the death of the Russian businessman and political powerbroker at his home in Ascot said they were "retaining an open mind" about how he died, but added the scene showed "no signs of third-party involvement".

A handheld device which tests for background radiation – carried by a paramedic called to his mansion near Wentworth Park golf club – sounded at the property. As a result, specialist chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear officers were called in to inspect the house for hazardous substances – but found nothing and gave police all clear to enter.

Thames Valley Police said that one of Mr Berezovsky's employees claims to have found their employer on the floor of his bathroom at 3pm on Saturday, after becoming concerned having not seen him since 10.30pm the previous evening.

A very public enemy of Vladimir Putin's Kremlin, the tycoon (67), was also facing severe financial and personal problems.

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