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Wednesday 22 October 2014

N Korea slams war drills flag use

A US Navy fighter lands the deck of aircraft carrier USS George Washington in the Yellow Sea, southwest of Seoul (AP/Lee Jae-won)

North Korea has branded the use of its national flag in US-South Korean military drills a "grave provocative act" and an insult.

An unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement Pyongyang will continue boosting its nuclear weapons programme because of US hostility.

The statement calls the programme "an all-powerful treasured sword for preventing a war".

The drills on Friday were the allies' biggest since the Korean War.

A huge North Korean flag on a hill disappeared behind flames and smoke as South Korean jets and US helicopters fired rockets.

The UN Security Council condemned a North Korean rocket launch in April that Seoul and Washington called a cover for a test of banned long-range missile technology.

North Korea says it was meant to launch a satellite.

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