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Thursday 17 April 2014

Nelson Mandela 'still in hospital'

Former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela

The office of South Africa's president has said that Nelson Mandela remains in hospital in a critical but stable condition.

The statement from the office of President Jacob Zuma followed reports that Mr Mandela had been released from the hospital. The update on the 95-year-old anti-apartheid hero's condition is unchanged from last week, when Mr Zuma said Mr Mandela showed "great resilience" although at times he was unstable.

Mr Mandela was admitted to a Pretoria hospital on June 8 with what officials said was a recurring lung infection.

Mr Mandela spent 27 years as a prisoner under apartheid and then emerged to negotiate an end to white minority rule before becoming president in the country's first all-race elections in 1994.

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