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Thursday 18 September 2014

Nokia hit by smartphones slump

Nokia's losses have soared after a slump in smartphone sales(AP)

Nokia's net loss more than tripled in the second quarter on sagging sales of smartphones, a market in which the company is struggling to regain ground lost to rivals including Apple and Samsung.

Nokia posted a net loss of 1.41 billion euro (£1.1 billion), compared with a loss of a 368 million euro (£288m) in the same period last year. Overall sales were down 19% to 7.54 billion euro (£5.9bn), while smartphone sales dropped 34% to 1.54 billion euro (£1.21bn).

The Finnish company was the world's leading mobile phone maker for more than a decade but was overtaken by Samsung in the first quarter according to research firm Gartner. (Nokia)

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