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Friday 24 October 2014

Rare mountain gorilla twins born

An extremely rare pair of mountain gorilla twins have been born in Rwanda
A rare pair of mountain gorilla twins have been born in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Rare mountain gorilla twins have been born in Rwanda, conservationists said.

The occurrence of twins in the population of mountain gorillas is extremely unusual and the new arrivals in the Volcanoes National Park are only the fifth set of twins recorded for Rwanda's gorillas.

There are fewer than 800 mountain gorillas living in the wild, according to UK-based charity the Gorilla Organisation.

The organisation said the pair were born on February 3 to Kabatwa, a member of the Hirwa group of gorillas, who was reportedly proving to be an excellent mother.

Emmanuel Bugingo, the Gorilla Organisation's programme manager in Rwanda, said: "It is very rare to hear of mountain gorilla twins, so we were all excited to hear the news from rangers.

"The twins are both boys and we feel very positive about their future."

Ian Redmond, chairman of the Ape Alliance coalition, and a father of twin boys, said: "Gorilla mothers usually have only one baby every four years or so - which is one reason why they are so vulnerable - so twins give a rare double gain in one birth.

"But coping with two infants is a challenge for any parent - as my wife and I know from experience - so I wish Kabatwa, and the boys, the best of luck in the coming weeks and months."

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