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Saturday 25 October 2014

Short dress student's compensation

Student Geisy Arruda was paid more than 40,000 reals £14,900 in compensation

A university that expelled a student who wore a short, pink dress to class was ordered by a Brazilian court to pay her more than 40,000 reals (£14,900) in compensation.

In expelling tourism student Geisy Arruda, 21, last year, Bandeirante University in Sao Bernardo do Campo said she disrespected "ethical principles, academic dignity and morality" by wearing provocative and "inadequate clothing".

But one day later, amid a flood of negative reaction, the university backed down. Ms Arruda, meanwhile, became a minor celebrity, dancing in Carnival parades, launching her own line of clothing and taking part in a TV reality show.

The ruling by Judge Rodrigo Gorga Campos was posted on the court's website.

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