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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Street clashes greet Bahrain report

Tear gas fills a street of anti-government protesters in Sitra, Bahrain, where clashes erupted ahead of a report into the country's unrest (AP)

Riot police have fired tear gas at demonstrators after clashes erupted in Bahrain just hours before the release of an independent report on the country's unrest.

The violence reflects the tense backdrop ahead of the report, which includes investigations into alleged abuses by security forces after the Gulf's largest Arab Spring uprising began in February.

The street battles broke out after a 44-year-old man died when his car crashed into a house earlier in the day. Protesters say he swerved to avoid security vehicles.

The report is expected to cast a harsh light on Bahraini Sunni authorities. But Shiite-led opposition groups insist they will not be satisfied unless top-level officials are implicated.

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