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Saturday 20 September 2014

Two people gored in sixth bull run

Red Cross workers carry an injured reveler on a stretcher (AP)
Two people have been gored during the sixth bull race at San Fermin festival

Two people have been gored in the sixth running of the bulls at Spain's famed San Fermin festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Spanish Red Cross spokesman Jose Aldaba said one person suffered a horn injury to the back and another was hit in the shoulder. It was not immediately known how serious the injuries were. At least two other people were treated for injuries suffered in falls in the run.

The daily 8am runs see hundreds of thrill-seekers dashing ahead and alongside six bulls and their guiding steer through the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Pamplona to the city's bull ring.

Tuesday's race was the fastest so far at two minutes, 16 seconds, with two runs remaining.

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