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Sunday 13 July 2014

Victims of Serbia shooting buried

A woman cries next to a coffin containing a body of a victim of a shooting prior to a mass funeral in the village of Velika Ivanca, Serbia (AP)

Hundreds of mourners in Serbia, many in tears, have attended the funeral for 13 victims of a massacre by a lone gunman.

A 60-year-old Serbian veteran went on a pre-dawn, house-to-house rampage last Tuesday in a village near Belgrade.

Police say among those he killed were his mother, his son and a two-year-old boy, who was his cousin.

People cried on Friday as wooden coffins with the victims' bodies - including a white one for the boy - were lined up on a red carpet before a small church at the village cemetery.

The suspect, who shot himself and his wife after gunning down his neighbours, died on Thursday in a Belgrade hospital. His wife is still recovering from shoulder and head wounds.

Police say they know of no motive yet.

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