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Saturday 23 August 2014

Worker survives bar through skull

A building worker in Rio de Janeiro has survived after an iron bar fell five storeys and pierced his head
This tomography scan released by the Miguel Couto hospital, shows the skull of 24-year-old construction worker Eduardo Leite pierced by a metal bar (AP/Miguel Couto Hospital)

A 24-year-old Brazilian construction worker survived after a six-foot metal bar fell from the fifth floor and pierced his head.

Doctors at Rio de Janeiro's Miguel Couto Hospital removed the bar from Eduardo Leite's skull during a five-hour-long operation, the Globo TV network reported.

Hospital spokesman Luiz Essinger said Mr Leite was lucid and showed no ill effects of the operation.

He said "it really was a miracle" that Mr Leite survived.

The bar fell from the fifth floor of a building under construction, went through his hard hat, entered the back of his skull and exited between his eyes.

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