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Another pay twist as MLAs want more and more

By Laurence White

Our politicians at Stormont are soon to get a hefty pay rise of some 17%, according to a report in this newspaper.

Of course it was not planned to announce the rise, which would bring a MLAs’ pay up to around £50,000, until after the next General Election.

Our MLAs realise there is still anger over the expenses scandal and double-jobbing. That anger has not made them repentant, but rather furtive. They would love to go back to the system where their financial affairs were kept well away from the prying eyes of the Press and the public.

Nevertheless, they are like Oliver Twist (left), constantly wanting more and more. They are not even going to adopt the same restrictions on their expenses or the employment of family members as MPs have pledged to do.

Have they learned nothing from the scandals of the past year? Or do they just hold the public here is such contempt that they are prepared to do what they like irrespective of public opinion?

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