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Why Pippa Middleton is entitled to her privacy

By Gail Walker

If the new Princess Catherine's honeymoon is yet to get underway, her sister Pippa's honeymoon with the redtops is most definitely over.

Just over a week after she burst onto the public scene at the Royal wedding, winning plaudits for her elegance and beauty, the News of the World has published a topless photo of her.

It's a dark, grainy image, shot from behind and from a long way away, but it's her bare breast all the same. It is also from a set of photos taken in 2006 but only published now, no doubt because someone has been flicking through every image they've got of Pippa, looking for racier images of her. Bingo. This is what people mean when they talk about invasion of privacy.

Pippa Middleton is not a public figure. She is not elected. She is not a celebrity. She is not a Wag. She is not a criminal. She is not a tennis player. She is a not a celebrity cook. She is simply the sister of someone who is famous. That means she is entitled completely to a private life.

The fact the picture is not particularly revealing isn't the point.

Imagine you're David Beckham's sister or Jamie Oliver's sister or David Dickinson's sister and just by virtue of that fact you wake up one morning to find your naked torso across the pages of a Sunday tabloid.

No, it's not on.


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