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It's time to give up on unity myth

By David McNarry

Hang on! What a contrived way to get across a two-page concoction of dribble by Malachi O'Doherty (Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday, August 18) voicing, thank goodness, his - and not many others' - penchant to uphold the European Union or face going into a united Ireland.

I reject his notion that "fears of a Scotland-less United Kingdom run by old Etonians and the economic realities of breaking with the European Union, could spark a renewed drive for Irish reunification".

No, they won't and it is devilment to suggest that they will. No such fears of Irish reunification exist within the British community of Northern Ireland, slighted as ever when called Northerners.

It must be that time again, when the sun came out for more than two days and Malachi couldn't risk a freckle, so he resorted to creating panic.

What, for goodness sake, is a contented nationalist? Who do they vote for? Are they bracketed, insultingly, in my opinion, as the third of Catholics who would leave things as they are?

Or are they people believing in the nonsense of Martin McGuinness's welfare reform pioneer who says a united Ireland is inevitable?

Are we, according to Malachi and Martin, to believe there isn't a British Catholic about the place? Particularly those who agree with me, when saying Ukip want to see border patrols on the back of a 70% increase in illegal immigrants caught crossing the border from the Republic into Northern Ireland, United Kingdom?

Northern Ireland, long before the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements, was recognised as the most Eurosceptic region of the UK. The Union is safe because the united Irelander myth exploded long ago and any revival of Irish unification is doomed before it starts.

Ukip realise that no matter what happens in Scotland, irrespective of the expected No vote on the EU, Northern Ireland is here to stay within the UK and out of the EU.

Why? Because we British are grown up, we are content and we are comfortable.

A long way from perfect, yes. But where is this place called Utopia, anyway?

  • David McNarry MLA is the leader of UK Independence Party in Northern Ireland.

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