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Thursday 17 April 2014

It was leftie, multi-cultural genius

A quick word for the whinging taxi driver who told me last Friday afternoon that he knew he'd hate the Olympic opening ceremony because it would be 'all about London and the English' - you got that wrong pal, didn't you?

With live music from choirs gathered at locations including the Giant's Causeway and Edinburgh Castle, a leading role for Belfast boy Kenneth Branagh, celebrations of films like Gregory's Girl and Kes, a nail-biting solo spot for Aberdonian Emeli Sande, and a paean to the dark Satanic mills of the North, Danny Boyle's eccentric, eclectic, over-enthusiastic gala was as all-embracing and inclusive as his big-hearted, wide vision films.

Rather brilliantly, sport barely got a look in, but Shakespeare, Blake, JK Rowling and JM Barrie were there, alongside Handel, Elgar, David Holmes and Arctic Monkeys.

And the NHS. 'Leftie multi-cultural crap' opined Tory MP Aidan Burley, with which I'd proudly agree.

Except I'd exchange the 'crap' for 'genius'.

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