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Jane Graham: Men hit rock bottom with their slimming pants

Mixed thoughts at the news that M&S is set to launch ‘slimming’ underwear for men.

On the one hand, we women can hardly begrudge men what most of us have been relying on since the push-up bra was invented.

So I sympathise with any man who’s losing his youthful |contours taking advantage of |pectoral-enhancers to cheer himself up.

On the other hand, and I know this is unfair, I can’t help thinking that what attracts me to a man is an innate confidence which suggests a lack of vanity. Unlike women, men can be at their most attractive when they’re craggy, unshaven and messy haired — there’s just something deliciously masculine about Colin Farrell or |Dominic West in a dishevelled state.

An over-fussy hair-do, manicured nails or plucked eyebrows are all huge turn-offs.

So the revelation of bum-|firming pants at the moment of passion might not quite have the desired effect on the ladies.

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