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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Easy target: protestors attacked the Cereal Cafe

How the anti-hipster mob failed to show their class in cafe attack 

Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your Coco-Pops. As revolutionary slogans go, it's not quite aux armes citoyens, is it? But spurred on by the horrid decadence of a cafe in London serving up the likes of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with your choice of milk (soya? almond?) and assorted toppings (cranberries? peanut butter chips?), a crowd of enraged protestors have marched on that establishment demanding equality, justice and, presumably, a return to the reassuring proletarian solidity of the traditional Full English.

Dress sense: Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like ties

Why the authentic label is wearing thin when it comes to Corbyn 

I know we are all pretty much Corbyn-ed out. But two things about Jezza continue to fascinate - me, anyway. His so-called authenticity. And his tie. First up, the authentic tag. The new Labour leader (as opposed to the old New Labour leader) is we're told, an authentic politician. People like him because he's authentic. That landslide vote in the Labour leadership campaign was all down to party members being attracted by the very fact that he was/is so authentic.

Public role: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son George

If William and Kate don't want kids photographed, they shouldn't go to the park 

Could Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, learn a lesson from Kim Kardashian? In recent days the Duchess and her husband William have issued a stern statement asking paparazzi to lay off the young Prince George. Apparently the child has been snapped as he played in a public park. While the vast majority of newspapers and media outlets at home and abroad have shunned such photographs, they have been sold to, and appeared in, a number of overseas publications.