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Friday 29 May 2015

The DUP should realise that compassion is a two-way street 

Outsiders might not always get this impression but despite our faults in Northern Ireland there still exists in this place an oul decency and fairness. The racists and homophobes, bigots and paramilitary thugs don't reflect this. But for every one of them I'd argue, there are twenty thousand decent, good people revolted by their words and actions and how they besmirch the name of the very communities they claim to represent.


Why even a killer like Richard III deserves a really good send-off 

History, we are always being advised around here, is written by the victors. But that old Churchillian line is massively simplistic. True, the rights and wrongs of historical events and players are often contested by special interest groups and occasionally conspiracy theorists, but generally evil-doing is hard to argue away. Even with that other worn old line we're constantly bombarded with again around here. The line about how one man's killer is another man's freedom...


Ignore the frightening label, Three Parent Baby will offer families real hope 

A French couple recently made global headlines over their decision to call their baby girl Nutella. After the chocolate spread. Still. There are worse things in the world you can call a child. Three Parent Baby for starters. As if having one doting da and one doting ma posting cute videos of their little cherub on Facebook wasn't enough, along now comes Three Parent Baby who really does sound like a very scary new kid on the block.


Why Fifty Shades sends out mixed messages in a very grey area 

The current media message re the objectification of women? That would be Fifty Shades of Grey area ... On the one hand we get lots of talk about so-called empowerment and why it's right that women should not see themselves as submissive. On the other (handcuffed) hand it's wall-to-wall hype and hysteria over a fictional billionaire soothing his troubled soul by slapping his girlfriend around a DIY dungeon.


Belfast 'slumber' bed shows we must think outside box on homeless issue 

Even using the most elastic estate agent speak, it could hardly be described as deceptively spacious. But it is reasonably well-appointed, with charging points for phone and radio. Eco-friendly, too, with its solar panel. Overall, it is compact and well-maintained, with good use of interior space. And it even has a certain kerb appeal with its heavy-duty plywood exterior, finished and varnished with water-based paints.