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Friday 28 August 2015

Save your pity for Garth Brooks' fans and their unanswered prayers 

So. Tomorrow isn't coming after all. The five disputed Garth Brooks concerts have been cancelled (it was all or none at all, the man himself had said), fans have been left devastated, with some considerably out of pocket, Dublin businesses have lost tens of millions in potential revenue, the city's hospitality industry says it is "reeling" and there are even claims that Brand Ireland has been damaged on the international tourism market.

Fake shop fronts are just papering over the cracks 

COME back Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The Department for Social Development needs you. Laurence, who was last seen tootling around our shores with his wife Jackie in the TV show Northern Exposure, is perhaps best known to us all as the flouncy-cuffed, interior design makeover king from Changing Rooms. His speciality was transforming suburban naffery into Tutankhamen-themed opulence using MDF and vast quantities of turquoise emulsion. The DSD's trick is something similar -- transforming urban blight into fake shopfronts using exterior gloss and vast quantities of taxpayers' money.