Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday 7 October 2015

We're confused ... and that's official! 

It will come as no surprise to anyone who does the grocery shop to learn that new research has raised hygiene concerns over our old friend the Bag For Life. Apparently in bacterial terms this should have a very short life. Especially if you put raw meat therein. Attempting to wash the thing only makes matters worse. So. On one hand we're told to avoid single use bags, on the other, that reuseable bags are dodgy. Meanwhile one agency urges us to eat all food before its use-by date while the say-no-to-waste lobby argues open it, smell it, take a chance. Clashing official advice. It's all very confusing.

Van charity idea is just the ticket 

Any Van fan who would give their eye teeth for a ticket to the concert to celebrate his Freedom of the city award (no such thing as a free Freedom?) must be sickened to hear that councillors have been given four tickets apiece. The greed! Surely the council would have been able to accommodate a bigger audience if they'd asked him to turn on the Christmas lights and give us all a couple of tunes when he was at it. But the best solution, given the current outcry over ticketing, is the suggestion from the man in the street on the TV news. Let councillors have their tickets but ask them to give £100 each to charity as a goodwill gesture. Van (above) could decide on the charity. Fair, no?