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Why Garth Brooks should chair peace talks

By Lindy McDowell

He's sold out Croke Park four times, appeals to all communities and is headed this way. Garth Brooks. I honestly think we could be missing a trick here. No better man to chair a round of our interminable all-party talks. Dr Haass did his best for us.

But surely special envoy Brooks could get them singing from the same song sheet. Our politicians will hardly faze him. He's got friends in low places too. Flags, emblems and the Eleventh Night?

Again he's had some experience standing outside the fire. And should tomorrow never come and the inevitable "failure to reach agreement" cause him sleepless nights, even that won't be a first. He says himself, sometimes late at night he lies awake and... I really think it's worth a try, Garth. Ulster says yeehaa?

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