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Cabbies too smart to charge correct fare

By Nuala McKeever

London cabbies who successfully learn The Knowledge have more grey matter in their brains than ordinary taxi drivers. A recent report shows that after four years of studying the city's routes, those who pass the test have an enlarged hippocampus.

That's the part of the brain |related to memory and spatial navigation, not a university for large river-dwelling mammals with big nostrils.

I've a feeling further study might show that the average London taxi driver also has an enlarged rip-em-offus. That's the part of the brain related to the ability to charge large sums of money for taking overly-long routes to ferry unsuspecting visitors around unfamiliar streets. It'd be interesting to know what a |study of Belfast's private hire black taxi drivers would show.

Based on my own field |study, ie being charged £10 from IKEA to the Ormeau Road, I reckon that we'd find some Brassus Neckus, Bellyus Maximus and of course, Bigus Windowsus.

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