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Have you got a moment, Gwen?

By Robert McNeil

Bit of Buddhism from Gwen Stefani, the top singer who is 42 years old. Didn’t mean to spell that out so bluntly or make a point. I was just telling you everything I know about her.

Not a lot, obviously. However, I was interested in her announcement that, trying to juggle family and career, “you just have to live in the moment”.

I don’t know where this moment is but I’d love to live in it too. Living in the moment is a widespread New Age cliche now. No one lived in the moment in the past. However, in future we’ll all be living in the moment.

Subtly, if accidentally, I’ve highlighted the problem with living in the moment.

It’s anticipation that keeps us going, even if all we’re looking forward to is a favourite TV programme. Forget the present if you want to be happy. Look to the future, where everything hasn’t gone wrong yet.

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