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Robert McNeill: Tatt could have been a lot worse for Felicity Kendall

Tattoo news, and Felicity Kendal is the latest to holler revelations of succumbing to the lure of the skin-splatting needle.

Felicity, best known for The Good Life and a former Rear of the Year, is or has been (I don't care and I'm not looking it up) appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, the televisual feast of gyrating extravagance.

Intriguingly, neither of her two tattoos appears on her bahookey. The first is on her calf, and features a moon and two feathers, which must mean something to somebody. The second is a small star on her foot. Felicity gushes: “It's wonderful. Gave me such a buzz.” I see.

Still, I suppose her symbols are innocuous enough, and not the sort you'd regret and have to scrub off with a metal toothbrush later. Imagine if she'd got ‘Richard Briers rocks’ on her lower back, or ‘First’ on her left buttock and ‘Prize’ on her right.

Talking of buttocks, my researchers tell me that former Tory MP and leading nutter Ann Widdecombe is also waddling about on Dancing (the abbreviation used by aficionados of the programme). She promised she was “not going to move my hips in a sinuous way”, an admirable stance, even if the action alluded to is not strictly possible according to current laws of physics.

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