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These neurosurgeons must be off their heads

Robert McNeill

Published 05/07/2013

There are many surgical operations which, understandably, you enter into with trepidation.

Even minor ones give pause for thought. What if I never wake up again? But you always do. And better for it too.

However, I think that having my head transplanted would cause me a few butterflies.

Top Italian neurosurgeons – an expression I've never used before – have found a way to replace one person's head with another by reconnecting spinal cords.

Theoretically, then, I could have my head transplanted on to the body of Henry Cavill (Superman in Man Of Steel). I can see how he might object, though.

Apart from anything else, the job would take 100 surgeons three days at a cost of £8.5m (including sandwiches).

Dr Sergio Canavero says the operation requires an extremely sharp knife. Yes, that would help.

So far, they've only tried it on a rat. Interestingly, it went on to become head of a major bank.

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