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Wonder if Rihanna's happy as a celebrity

By Robert McNeill

Fear of insignificance, fuelled by celebrity culture, is driving our young persons to distraction, according to a top (or thereabouts) psychologist.

Dr Carlo Stenger, of Tel Aviv University, says the phenomenon is worldwide, and that young folks don't want to be lawyers or doctors anymore. They just want to be famous. Inability to achieve this then destroys their self-esteem.

I can't think this applies to all young people. Many, surely, still want to become doctors. Think of the money.Naturally, none of this celebrity cack affects a sussed, fully medicated individual like your correspondent. However, even I was shocked to find that, once again, I hadn't heard of any of the celebrities cited in the report before me - Justin Bieber, Lily Cole, David Gardner. Eh?

However, I had heard of Rihanna.

Readers will need no reminding that, in an emotional tour de force recently, I complained bitterly about her lack of a surname.

Furthermore, in the course of painstaking research, I discovered she has made a video featuring scenes of sado-masochism, including the standard lewd gyrations and a scene in which she walks a half-naked fellow about the place on a leash.

And her without a surname too. Still, I suppose we should be glad that she didn't become a doctor.


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