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Monday 21 April 2014

A regret that's really getting under my skin

Regrets, I've had a few thousand. But the average citizen has only seven major ones, according to boffin-style research by e-cigarette brand E-Lites.

In a surprise development, taking up smoking tops the list and, yup, that's one I can surely tick. The other night, a few of us were thinking how mad it was to have smoked.

Except that we enjoyed it, and another little light of pleasure has now been extinguished forever.

Other major regrets included not saving more money, allowing oneself to become overweight, not getting better exam results, and choosing the wrong career path.

I can check a couple of these boxes too. I won't tell you which, but journalism's gain was undertaking's loss.

Surprisingly, getting a tattoo comes way down at number 31 on the regrets list.

I've been undecided about a tattoo for three years, but this gives me hope. Expect a decision in the next three years.

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