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Saturday 19 April 2014

Getting stick from our Citizen Stasi

In this week of compulsory grief, Daily Mail-reading idiots – no hint of an oxymoron – have even been picking on children in their quest to stifle dissent.

The horrible paper itself reported that one of its readers challenged a 14-year-old girl on a train because she was carrying a broomstick made out of twigs.

Assuming this to pertain to a certain ex-leaderene accused by the lieges of witchcraft of a ding and arguably dong nature, the reader laid into the lassie, shrieking: "How dare you protest against our greatest prime minister when you are not even old enough to remember her?" At which, the girl's mother stepped in to explain that they'd been to a Harry Potter exhibition and had, all unthinkingly, purchased the broomstick in the souvenir shop. Honestly, it has come to something when you can't even buy a broomstick without facing questions from Britain's citizen equivalent of the Stasi.

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