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Sunday 20 April 2014

How even George Clooney can't pull off moustache


George Clooney with moustache
INTERNET OUT George Clooney with moustache

I don't envy George Clooney. Not now that he has a moustache (but no beard). The controversial move has led to claims that his good looks have gone and that he looks old.

"Grandad George" they're calling him. A moustache will do that to you. A beard also adds 10 years though, curiously enough, the Cloonster, if I may call him that, looks right distinguished when he chooses to have one.

No doubt the 'tash has been forced on him by the demands of film roles. Currently, he's shooting something set during the Second World War, and moustaches were plentiful during those dark days, not least on the phizogs of Hitler, A. and Stalin, J.

Mussolini didn't have a moustache, but he was bald, which historians say is another sure sign of evil. Churchill wore a false bald headpiece to fool the enemy.

Even George will grow old but, when he ditches the moustache, he'll regain 10 years.

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