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The EU really is now an out of control monster...and we need out, now

By Henry Reilly

I am sure many people will say ''it's only Reilly complaining about the EU again''.

But the EU really is now an out of control monster that threatens the very basis of what we in the UK understands as accountable democracy.

Even Northern Ireland, with its forced coalition and seeming inability to do anything has eminently more accountability than the EU that now has 300 secret committees that are dominated by big business and determine EU policy in total secrecy.

The recent EU demands for UK tax payers to subsidise their failed project to the tune of an additional £1.7 billion pounds on top of the billions we already give them is beyond the pale.

Take a close look a France and it is on the verge of a cataclysmic socio-economic implosion while the mighty Germans are in manufacturing free fall because of the EU imposed and daft sanctions on trade with Russia.

The Russian sanctions are only acting as an impetus for indigenous Russian industrial expansion and reinforcing Russian trade with the BRIC partners and now South America.

What is the EU response to the downturn? Not a determined attempt at deregulation and support for business, but a new carbon reduction directive that has the potential to cripple our hauliers, farmers and merchant marine.

All this, while the EU promises an additional £1.1 billion pounds to further develop the Spanish fishing industry over the next four years, while UK fishermen face the prospect of further cuts in fishing effort, with more jobs being lost in regions where they are most needed.

All this is compounded by the continuous waves of EU new immigrants who are suppressing salaries' and workers terms, as well as conditions, and ensuring that the national minimum wage is actually the maximum wage. We need out of the EU, as soon as possible.

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