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Despicable thieves should show grieving Muriel some mercy

Editor's Viewpoint

Published 21/08/2015

It was the most despicable crime imaginable. Thieves ransacked the home of elderly woman Muriel Diffin while she was burying her husband of more than 50 years and stole, among other things, a ring which she had given him on their wedding day.

The value of the ring cannot be measured in money. It is priceless to the grieving widow, a memento of a life of shared love and memories. Quite simply, it is irreplaceable and has added immeasurably to her sorrow.

The thieves were obviously watching her leave the house for the funeral before breaking in. It is difficult to think that such heartless people walk our streets. But even thieves must have some vestige of goodness within them.

They can demonstrate that by returning the ring and easing Muriel's heartache.

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