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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Shameful betrayal of Cameron's promise of jobs

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Published 14/03/2014

There is no doubt that the 300 staff of the DVA in Northern Ireland have been treated shamefully.

While their job security always looked precarious, the blunt way the news was broken showed little regard for the work carried out by them over many years. They were kept in the dark about their future until the last moment.

However, the most disappointing factor is that the government at Westminster chose to remove these well-paid jobs from Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister, no less, has repeatedly said he is keen to ensure that the province's economy is given a kick-start.

These jobs were in the gift of his government, yet they chose to relocate the work to Swansea, rather than devolve the functions of the DVA to Northern Ireland. It must feel like a betrayal to those staff affected.

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