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Monday 21 April 2014

And as for the Assembly? Well words fail me

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Ok, so I'm a little naive, but what contribution has our Assembly made to the betterment of life for us all.

So far, the Assembly has done precisely nothing.

I've looked through all the Assembly press reports to find the most common doing words.

They are: meets, briefs, outlines, attends, looks forward, listens, discusses, convenes, updates, welcomes, highlights, considers, examines, supports, consults etc.

Oh, and visits.

In fact, everything apart from make a decision.

The Maze stadium, Giant's Causeway and classroom assistants are catching the headlines, but nothing's happening anywhere.

Sorry. Breaking news. MLAs are still claiming £1,000 a month on expenses, so they are doing something.

Oh, and they paid out money for the floods.

That's it folks.

So, six months after MLAs taking office, we find that Stephen Nolan is still running the country and its public services on morning radio.

Get a grip, Chuckle Brothers.

All we want for Christmas is a decision - on anything.

Michael McKee Belfast

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