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Back Corbyn to lead Labour back into government

We are trade unionists and anti-poverty and justice campaigners. Over the past 32 years, we have lobbied, marched and picketed alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP. Jeremy's dedication to peace and social justice has won our respect, as has his personal integrity and commitment to socialist values.

Corbyn's decision to stand for Labour leader could not be more timely. It has helped to inspire a national debate within the trade unions and among Labour voters about how best to oppose the unprecedented austerity measures and £12bn cuts to welfare promised by the Conservatives.

His candidacy has ensured a powerful voice defending public services is heard in the leadership campaign. He has rejected the failed politics of Blairism and resisted the drift to the Right following the general election.

Whether putting the case for Labour to adopt socialist politics in leadership hustings, addressing a rally against austerity in London, or speaking on picket lines opposing privatisation, Corbyn represents the only candidate able to galvanise the popular struggle against the government and translate this into a Labour majority at the next election.

We urge all those who - like us - support Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader to pay £3 to join Labour as supporters, or sign up as members or affiliated supporters.


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