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Sunday 20 April 2014

Beware of that pig in a poke

With the so-called conclusion of talks which will transfer police and justice powers to a terrorist-inclusive Executive, I was reminded of the maxim 'don't buy a pig in a poke' - an adage in commercial law as 'caveat emptor' - Latin for 'let the buyer beware.'

With this in mind, I reflected on a recent report where Gerry Adams stated: "Sinn Féin has made temporary arrangements to 2012 to ensure the legislative Assembly can legislate on policing and justice issues. As part of this we have set aside Sinn Fein's rightful claim to the Justice Ministry in return for the DUP doing the same." Mr Adams described the arrangements as "interim".

This confirmed my fears that the 'great deal for unionism' is a delusion being sold by the DUP and is, indeed, a 'pig in a poke'.



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