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Don’t speak on my behalf over Belfast airport runway

So Terry Hoey of Palmerston Residents Association claims (July 4) that the general feeling of east Belfast residents is in favour of the proposed runway extension.

Mr Hoey certainly does not speak on my behalf or indeed the overwhelming majority of people who reside in areas which are either under or close to the flights path of the airport.

Mr Hoey tries to denigrate a comprehensive survey conducted by BCAW which confirmed that 91% were concerned about the proposed runway extension, with 75% saying they were very concerned about it and opposed to the plan. A further 75% they often had to stop talking when a plane flew over.

This completely torpedoes the inaccurate comments made by him when he purports to represent “most of the residents in east Belfast”.

The survey quite clearly refutes such a ludicrous comment and is a view of one person who is out of step on what local people daily affected by aircraft

noise and pollution are thinking.

Always Vigilant


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