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DUP/Sinn Fein branded 'silly moos' over cow parade

Published 06/10/2011

The idiots we have elected in Stormont keep giving us something to beef about. They have lost their sense of reality. Now they are losing our much-needed money. Who bets that, come the next fall of snow, they will not be able to afford to grit the roads. Truly a bunch of silly moos.


Our MLAs wasting money? Pull the udder one.


Long_Quiche: I reckon they have mad cows' disease. Or else they have a 'steak' in it.


Caspercassie: Yes, they should spend all day making pointless posts on the Tele site - just like you.


Peninsul: for two cents, I'd give you a piece of my mind and all of yours.


Maybe it's a 'mooot' point, but they both seem to be milking this. And all opposition has been cowed (or buttered up?). I take it the biggest display will be in Dairy? All a bit cheesy, if you ask me.


If it generates money, then it's a no-brainer to bring it here. Ignore the whingers.


I stumbled on the Cow Parade in Warsaw a few years ago and it's brilliant. Not only will these cows be a tourist attraction, if they are done well they'll lift the spirits of all of us. Trudging around town in the rain will be a lot brighter if there's some cool cows to keep us amused. And they are a great tourist attraction. Bring them on.

Belfast Koala

When is this to happen? Hope I can get to see it. Better than the big wheel; everybody's got one of them at the moment.


Just hold up there a minute - people are going to come to Northern Ireland to see 10 plastic painted and four mini-moos? You couldn't make it up (except somebody just did).


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