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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Gay marriage support will hit at ballot box

WHEN a political party loses its moral sense, it can even vote itself right out of democratic politics.

A majority is not always right in matters of truth, which does not always win when numbers alone become decisive.

Right is still right if nobody is right and wrong is still wrong if everybody is wrong.

To legislate without this common understanding is wrong.

Even in primitive societies, marriage was, and is, regarded as an exclusive contract between a man and a woman. Conall McDevitt was an able, articulate and persuasive politician. He helped persuade a majority of SDLP MLAs to support Sinn Fein's proposal to introduce a false definition. He did the SDLP some disservice that, will undoubtedly have adverse electoral consequences.

As Daniel O'Connell said, "There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong."



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