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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Insight gives a clear outlook

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John McCloskey, Professor of Geophysics, University of Ulster, states (Write Back, December 14): 'I have read the full text of Caitriona Ruane's statement on reform of our education system and find it informed by a deep insight into the crippling deficiencies of the present arrangements which fail our children in their thousands.' What does he mean by 'deep insight'?

When is insight other than insight or can one have shallow, moderate or up to the armpits varieties?

He also writes: 'As a university scientist who has watched the slide in literacy and numeracy in students with good A-level grades, including students with grammar school education, any such assessment would be welcome.'

I am sure that the professor has 'deep insight' into the inadequate numeracy and literacy of his students.

George McNally, Londonderry

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