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Insulted by politician's road map

The UCUNF candidate in south Belfast, Paula Bradshaw, is an insult to the working people of the constituency.

I was shocked to read that she needed a map to find her way around Sandy Row. What have the Tories or Ulster Unionists ever done for the working people?

All I can see is that they closed down some of our major industries and, by doing so, destroyed British industry - along with putting thousands of people out of their jobs. When did they ever care about working people?

They will always be a party for the minority, representing the views of the rich and powerful while forgetting about those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and do a day's work.

Historically, the unionist leadership used the working people and thought they could simply wave the flag to get us out of our houses to vote for them - houses without running water, inside toilet or adequate facilities.

Thankfully, things have changed and we are now represented by a party of unionism that formed part of a grassroots revolution in the Sixties. Just when will the UUP - or UCUNF - get it?




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