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IRA solely responsible for murder of Mrs Moreland

Malachi O'Doherty's article (DebateNI, June 16) was disappointing. He asserted that Caroline Moreland was a British agent and also was stereotyping the Army as "plummy generals making glib, superficial statements".

Imagine I said, "All Irish people have thatched cottages and pigs in the kitchen"? It would - and should - not have been allowed.

Regarding Mrs Moreland, I watched Panorama and at no stage was proof given that she was an agent. We did hear a taped "confession" that she was an agent; that other agents should come forward and that no harm would come to them.

After several days of mental and physical torture, anyone - when presented with a prepared statement and a promise of freedom - would have agreed to anything.

As it turned out, the IRA - as usual - lied and brutally murdered this poor woman by shooting her in the back of the head.

I attended Queen's University Belfast and lived in the city during the early-1970s. The IRA were the most brutal terrorist organisation, which killed innocent people without thought - one example being Bloody Friday in 1972.

Finally, one of the first duties of a government is to protect its citizens. If it is confronted by a brutally mad terrorist organisation, such as the IRA, fighting a dirty war, I expect the government to fight an even dirtier war.

So I congratulate the security forces and especially the RUC for stopping this country descending into civil war.

As for Mrs Moreland's daughter, my deepest sympathies. It was the IRA - and it alone - who murdered her mother.

If she wants answers, there are people in Stormont whom she can ask.


Portrush, Co Antrim

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