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Lighten up now, before it's too late

Each Christmas my family and I shop in Belfast city centre for our seasonal gifts. We enjoy the Christmas spirit of the city - the window displays, the music and even the crowded streets add to the festive atmosphere. But every year there is one disappointing let down - the Christmas lighting.

If you look at the trees half the lights are out.

Nearly every other lamp post feature is either dimly lit or not lit at all. The structures across streets are outdated and look thrown up.

I work in the city centre and every day I see electricians frantically attempting to fix the lights before night falls. But still, each night I can walk from Royal Avenue down Castle Street, up Queen Street and round to the back of the City Hall and lose count of faulty lighting features.

I have been in small towns and villages across Northern Ireland in the past week and they could show Belfast a thing or two. If small towns like Strabane, Limavady and Ballymena can manage it, why can't Belfast?

Belfast is the capital of our province. Our city is competing to be a premier tourist destination, both domestically and internationally. Whoever is responsible for Belfast's Christmas lighting, whether it is Belfast council or the town centre management, they should take the project seriously and show Belfast in a better light.

Belfast's businesses, ratepayers, shoppers and tourists deserve better!

T Carson Lisburn

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